Friday - We had various neighbours around in the evening for drinks on the patio. All went well and the general objectives were achieved - everyone got to know each other a bit better, and everyone promised not to invade their immediate neighbour to their east on September 1st. Juniorette and her best friend performed a Caspar Theater (hand puppet show) which was really good. She is definitely forming an English sense of humour.

Saturday - Juniorette played football for the G-Jugend in a local football team tournament. She is playing better all the time, and committed 2 fouls today (her first ever). They were late tackles, which shows she's getting stuck in. I was so proud .......I just need to teach her how to dive, pull shirts and wind up the opposition, and then she will be a real professional.

Sunday - The day of rest, or so it should be. The Haddock family started the day with a little light weeding in the garden, and then proceeded to cycle to the local lake (a round trip of 25km, so I guess it's not that local). We stopped there for a while for milkshakes, icecreams and to watch the water-skiers, before heading back home to laze around for the rest of the day, and to complain of tired legs and sore bums.