I didn't go to work today as I had a bummer of a nights sleep. I was constantly awoken by my Sciatic nerve sending 220V down my left leg. So my planned visit to the doctors this week happened a day early.

I suppose like most people I don't like to see the doctor. But luckily mine speaks good English, and is a very nice chap. Most importantly, he is also very good at his job. Incidentally he was in the same stage show that the Juniorette performed in, at the Marburg Stadthalle earlier this year.

So after much prodding and questioning, I now have appointments to take X-rays of my hip and back tomorrow, and for my first session of physio on Friday. Who says being over 40 isn't fun.

It rained well this morning. A steady rain, not a monsoon downpour, the right sort of stuff for watering the garden, and filling up the rain water tank. We collected over 1000 ltrs which should see us ok for a while.