I was wrong in yesterday's post. Lisa Stansfield was probably crap all those years ago at Knebworth, as she was certainly crap last night at Hessentag. Crap is most likely the wrong word.....miming is probably better. The songs sounded exactly the same (and I mean exactly!) as on her CD's......and I got really suspicious when she was talking, and suddenly a new song starts, and she is then singing and talking simultaneously. We went to get some food at this point.

The 'Special Guest' band were on next. They were good. A girlie vocalist, with a bunch of young grungy musician dudes - they rocked. The band members were German apart from the vocalist who sounded American. They were called something like Jay Lowe and have just released a single called Lullaby. I bumped into the rhythm guitarist by chance as he was walking through the crowd before Duran Duran were on. Had a good chat with him and he said they were really enjoying the open air gig.

Duran Duran were excellent. Better than expected. For some reason I thought Simon Le Bon was going to be Lardboy on stage, but he was physically fit and full of energy. The band looked relaxed and were clearly enjoying themselves. As the open air venue was at best only a quarter full, we had good views, and we really enjoyed ourselves. I had forgotten how many hits Duran Duran had during the 80's.

As the old saying goes, 2 out 3 aint bad, and to top the evening off our female cat Minnie (who was missing for 3 days) was waiting for us at home.

Update - The 'Special Guest' Band were Kaylou and the singer is Danish.