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Friday, June 17, 2005

A new bush

Yesterday Mrs haddock and I went to the Caldern Garden Center just for a browse, and came away as per usual, with a couple of plants. A Blueberry bush (see photo below), a Curry plant (Helichrysum Italicum) and some Sage.
My brother informed me a couple of weeks ago that Blueberries were being classed as a superfood because of the ammount of vitamins they contain. This was news to me; I had only heard of Blueberry Pie before. Anyways, the bush has berries it so we shall see how super they are.

Tonight Mrs Haddock and I are going to Hessentag. A festival type of occassion that one town in Hessen hosts each year. We will be watching Duran Duran and Lisa Stansfield - An 80's experience. Incidently I saw Lisa Stansfield many years ago at Knebworth, but I slept through that performance. It wasn't that she was bad, it was just that I was very tired. The previous evening before had been a late one, and sometimes you just got to sleep.


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