A couple of days ago was our wedding anniversary. Tonight the Haddock family went to the Alte Ritter Restaurant to celebrate the event. This year was particularly special for me as "I remembered" and mentioned the fact first, on the afore mentioned day.

The Juniorette acted like a little angle tonight, and the meal was exceptional. Spargel soup to start with, then venison with Celery flavoured mash potatoe, and seasonal veg, followed by lemon sorbet with strawberries and mint sauce. There were some definite contrasts here, but they worked rather well. The strawberries and mint sauce was a taste bud fest.

It's seven years since we celebrated after our wedding at the Alter Ritter, and it seemed poignant go there again this year as well. Not sure if my wine consumption was as much, or as fast as the first time around, but I feeling good at the mo, and feel a session coming on.

Apologies for the spelling/grammar, and the possible lack of a post tomorrow.