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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Quiet Friday

It's a very quiet Friday at work. It's over 30 deg C outside, England are on top in the first test against Bangladesh at Lords, as was to be expected, and apparently it's a record breaking May in the UK temperature wise.

Trescothick celebrates his century

Click here for the Scorecard

Found a nice How to go Green Blog which has lots of handy information including some very good links. I particularly liked this compost link. There is also a good article on why Peat should not be used.

I have been having trouble finding sites in Germany that sell equipment for wine making. In the Autumn I would like to have a go at making plum wine. Our plum tree wont bear any fruit this year, but a friend gave us a lot of plums from her garden last year, which Mrs Haddock turned into Jam. This year its time for wine.


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