It's my last night shift tonight and then 4 days off. As usual the Friday train for the trip to Frankfurt was as busy as ever, and the Marburg platform was packed.

Due to having a preference for sitting down when I am travelling by train, I always try and got onto the train carriage first to ensure a seat, and I am normally very sucessful at it.

Today with out thinking I let a young lady on before me, who immediately took 2 seats and then threw her bag down where I was going to sit, saying she was saving the seats for her friends. I couldn't believe it, luckily I found another seat, but was then amazed when 5 mins later she went and sat elsewhere. There is probably a moral here, but I'll be damned if I know what it is!

But to more important matters. If the weather is good this weekend I have plenty of jobs to do in the garden, including planting out the peas from the propagator. Unfortunately the forcast is not good, but German weather forcasts are not that reliable, and more often than not, the forecasts are wrong. Not quite as bad as the Michael Fish incident in the UK a few years ago with his "There will be no Hurricane" forcast, but if they say rainy, it just might be sunny.

Incidently Michael Fish used to work in Germany at ESOC in Darmstadt, and is of course, no relation.