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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Sprouting & Logs

The ordered Bean Sprouter Pack arrived last week, and we tried it out. We have had a crop of Mustard, Radish and Alfalfa. Very tasty they were to. The Mustard and Radish were quite spicy, and definately not to the liking of the Haddock Juniorette, but she did like the Alfalfa.

We have some more sprouts growing at the moment. Alfalfa (why is word so difficult to spell, let alone speak?), and some type of wheat/corn that we found here in Germany. I'll have to get Mrs Haddock to translate the seed packet for me.

According to the book accompaning the the Sprouter Pack, sprouts are pack full off easily absorbed vitamins, and essential enzymes which we need. So I'm expecting to feel a lot healthier soon.

I was amazed to learn that in terms of pancreas to body weight ratio, then the Homo Sapian has the biggest pancreas of the lot. Not a lot of people know that.

Night time temperature have taken a bit of a dive of late. We've even had a couple of minor frost. That's probably what killed the cucumber plants. So we have had to fire up the wood burning stove a couple of times, during which I tried out one of the paper brickette logs that I made. It burnt a treat, rather like coal, slow burning, and lasted for well over an hour. All in all, a roaring sucess (excuse the pun)


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