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Friday, May 06, 2005

I don't like Cricket

I Love it!.........and what are the chances of meeting 7 Indian fellas at my local sports field and having a game of cricket with them. Chances are good in England, but in Germany?.......I must check my Lottery ticket tonight.

Today was a Father/Daughter day so the Haddock Juniorette and I played football, went rollerblading, played chess, played computer games and generally larked around for the day.

In the Garden, the tomatoes are starting to flower, the strawberries are blooming, and the gooseberries & blackcurrants are swelling. The grass is still uncut and we are having lots of heavy unseasonal showers at the moment, so it doesn't bode well for the ever growing list of things to do in the garden.

But no worries, I got to play cricket.......that's the main thing!


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