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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Secret List Maker

It wasn't until about 6 months a go that I realised I was a Phenologist. On a quiet night shift I stumbled across the UK Phenology site and discovered that there was a name for the observation lists that I keep.

Looking at the observations of other Phenologists there is a definate trend to earlier springs. From my Scuba Diving days in the English Channel, and my seasonal observations of Sea Temperature, the definate trend was that the sea was getting warmer year on year. Plus we were seeing warm water fish species that were not usually found in British waters.

Now I discover that May 1st this year was the hottest in Germany since records began.

Somehow I dont think George Bush is into Phenology.

On the gardening front Mrs Haddock weeded the flower/veggie bed today. Lots of Juniorette's Sunflower seeds have come up, and in general all plants seem to be doing well.


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