It rained heavily overnight but thoughtfully stopped before I had to go to work. The good news is that the rain water tank is full again. I read on over the weekend that when you zap your water with either UV or a type of ozone, then it kills all bacteria to make it fit for human consumption. Personally I would have thought that rain water from the roof would have been cleaner than the stuff out of the tap. Incidently Germans don’t seem to drink tap water, only bottled water. I used to drink tap water myself, but I now just drink bottled water as well. Why I don’t know…..probably just herd mentality ……Moo!

Also found a web site for a UK firm that sells Rain water systems. It seems to be quaintly referred to as Rain Harvesting.

On a more possitive note, after much research, over many years, I can now officially announce that German Beer is safe to drink. Needless to say further testing and evaluation is being carried out.