It has just rained continuosly for 24hrs in Marburg. This is rare as it normally only rains for a few hours at a time. But this was like English rain! – non stop!

This was good news for the garden and also for my underground rainwater tank. It’s now full, which means we have 4500L for flushing toilets, washing clothes, and watering the Garden. The rainwater system is automated and switches to drinking water in drought conditions (Which means we can still flush the toilets!)

Had to take the Octavia (Yes….it’s a Skoda) to the Garage in Wetzler to have the brakes serviced, so we went to our favourite Garden Centre, and came away some Cherry Tomatoe plants, Paprika (Bell Pepper) plants, Thyme plants, Peppermint plants, and a Hydrangea (to remind me of my home town back in dear old blighty)

All we need to do now is wait for the garden to dry out a bit and go and plant the stuff. Mrs Haddock bought a couple of books on Herbs and composting (In German). Think I’ll wait for the translated summary.