tger greenhaddock: Veggies grown 2005

Friday, April 01, 2005

Veggies grown 2005

Below is a summary of the vegetables and fruits grown in the Haddock Garden during 2005

Strawberry - Ostara Fruiting season is long, but fruits lack taste.

Tomatoe - Cherry These tomatoes were very sucessful

Bell Pepper - Yellow Suprisingly good

Chilli - Very hot. A major success

Cucumber - Currently dying! DEAD Complete failure!

Peas - Wunder von Kelvedon Tasty easy to grow peas

Lettuce - Iceberg Good taste

Gooseberry - Mucurines Can be quite sour if picked a bit early

Blackcurrant - Titania Not as sweet as expected

Raspberry - Glen Ample A failure. A crop of 3 raspberries.

Blueberry - Bluecrop Quite large tasty fruits

Aubergine - Madonna F1 Very sucessful.

Zucchini - Yellow A lot tastier than the green variety

Cabbage - Lennox Planted too late in the season