I didn't sleep too well today. It was hot & humid, and very noisy. The Haddock abode is near a playground, which this morning was full of screaming kids. One group from the Kindergarten (Haddock Juniorette was there) and one from the local school.. I can understand the Kindergarten group going to the playground, but the school group?.......it appears it's in lieu of sports activities.

When I did get to sleep I was awoken by a workman returning one of our cats - Der Dicke Mickey. Thats the third time he's been brought home in the past two days. He was apparently seeking shade in a lorry from the workman near the graveyard. This a long way from our house. The Mickey really has a long range.

Yesterday he was brought home by a woman who thought her dog was going to eat him. Mickey has no fear of dogs, which when dogs realise this, they usually leave him alone.

In the afternoon he was brought back by a woman whose sons are allergic to cats. She doesn't even live in the new housing area - she was just visting one of our neighbours!

But what really astounds me is how silly people are (gosh I am polite!). Some people have fed him at BBQ's and complain later when he keeps on visiting them. He's a cat!.......if you feed him, he will return. Also if you let him into your house numerous tims, he will think he's allowed in there all the time.

Next time we'll get a Panther.