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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Wet and Dry

I ordered two log makers today. A wet one, and a dry one. I have been trying to find places that sell these for a long time. Fortunately some kind people over at pointed me in the right direction.

So soon I will be making paper brickettes to burn during the winter months. Just need to get a shredder now and ask the neighbours for their old newspapers.

Also ordered a Bean Sprout Starter Pack. An alternative way to get fresh 'Salad' during the winter months. Should be fun and very interesting for the Haddock Juniorette.

I have started my night shift cycle, and just before I left home to get the train to work, the outside temperature was 29.5 deg C........which is hot for the time of year. That reminds me, the swifts returned yesterday.......thats summer for me.


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