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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

I had never been to Luxembourg, and did not know anything about the place, so that sounded like the perfect reason to visit the place. So that's what the Haddock family did yesterday.

To make it confusing the country and the capital city have the same name. The Luxembourg countryside is very pleasant and the motorway has wooded bridges (bridges with trees and shrubs growing on them!) for animals to cross safely.

The City of Luxembourg is quite small and is centered around a hole in the ground, or to be more precise a gorge which was fortified heavily in past times. The gorge is very scenic with many mature trees in it. Its not good to look down when crossing the many bridges over the gorge. Its a long way down.

The city really feels European, with everyone we met speaking both French and German. We visited the Catherdral, the Palace, and took a sight seeing tour.

On the way home we filled up with petrol at Wasserbillig, which is a border town with Germany. Here there is a road with approx 20 petrol stations, all full of Germans filling their Mercedes and BMW's. At present there is a price differential of about 23 cents a we did likewise.

We enjoyed our little Ausflug to Luxembourg, and would like to return again for a longer visit. With a roun


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