Lately we have been doing some research into what type of hedging plant we would like for the south facing boundary. A couple of plants came close, but for one reason or another, didn't make the grade.

Current favourite candidate is Euonymus Jap. Aureus. Further enquiries will be made at the Caldern Garden Centre as to its suitability. But I reckon it will be pucker.

DIY wise I finally attached the stairway lights to the wall. It's taken a while to get round to getting this job done, but the end result, even though I say it myself, looks good.

Today Mickey, our young Tomcat caught his first bird (we were so proud - Ah!). I tried to save the young Redstart, but the cat wouldn't let go of it. In the end he disappeared off int a neighbours garden, presumably to eat it, as he eats flies, bumble bees and any other creature that he can catch.