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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Phantasia Land

Yesterday the Haddock Family went on a trip to Phantasia Land, near Köln. This was our first visit and we were not too sure what to expect. We visited the Disney Parks in Florida last autumn, and were interested to see how Phantasia Land would compare. Mrs Haddock went to various German Parks as a child, and didn't have fond memories.

We were pleasantly surprised. Obviously someone had done their research, visited Disney, took a few notes and then built a park with a more European dimension.

They were rides for all ages, and enough attractions for the whole day, without busting a gut to fit it all in. Juniorette loved the rollercoasters, the rides that scared her parents, the 4D Cinema and the Parade. She wasn't big enough for a few of the more extreme rides, but personally, I was ok with that situation.

The board advertising one of the rides (see Photo above) really made me laugh, but I was amazed that nobody else in the park found the sign funny.

Would you let your children on a ride advertised as the Michael Jackson Thrill Ride..............I thought not...... The prosecution rests it case.


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