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Friday, June 03, 2005

More Cricket

England are currently playing their 2nd Test match of the current series against Bangladesh and are in a very commanding position at present. The game may not even survive a second day.

I have just recieved a Red Cross Parcel from the UK containing teabags and toothpaste. I find that nothing cleans my teeth better than Crest toothpaste, and I have yet to find it on sale in Germany, or to find any other german toothpaste that comes close to its cleaning and refreshing power. I know you can buy it in the USA and most other European countries. So what really gets my goat, is the notice on the box that says....... MADE IN GERMANY.

The teabags were the new Tetley drawstring bags - the non drip teabag. This is about as hi-tech as a teabag can get. I would like to descibe how it works, but it's too complicated.

But the real bummer here is that I almost find this tea too strong. We have been surviving on tea from Aldi South for the last few weeks, and I'm beginning to quite enjoy it.........hmmm, I wonder, am I going native?


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