The Europeans Womens Football Championship started today with England beating Finland 3 - 2 in a very exciting game. The Haddock family are fans of womens footie, and reckon Germany will probably win the championship. Haddock Juniorette plays for the local G-Jugend side. She was the only girl player at first and took a lot of stick off the boys. She survived, and is now joined by four other girl players.

On the cricket front, England comfortably dispatched the Bangladesh side, to take the series 2 - 0.

Whilst weatherwise, we have been having some very heavy and stormy showers, which have played havoc with the Gooseberry bush. Much of the new growth branches have snapped, or become damaged, but luckily the Gooseberry fruits have actually survived. With this wet weather has come an increase in the slug population, but so far they have all been small ones and have not caused too much damage. Hopefully by eliminating them when they are small they wont have chance to lay eggs and make more of the blighters.

And finally, the cats are now bringing back mice as well as redstarts and blackbirds