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Thursday, June 16, 2005


In approx a months time the Haddock family will be going on holiday to the island of Crete (Greece), and last night Crete suffered an earthquake (magnitude 4.9) - the epicenter was actually under the sea. Personally I think this quake was a good thing (nobody was hurt) as it will take the pressure of the fault line and allow the Haddock family to vacation in peace. That's the theory anyways.
A number of years ago I was on a training course in San Jose, California with some work colleagues from New York. We were in a resturant when all the tables, chairs etc started shaking. When the shaking stopped everyone looked a little pale. I immediately ordered more beer for our table, on the basis that if the BIG one hit next we might as well be smashed. The New York guys liked this Limey attitude and we had a great night..............If there were anymore quakes, I never noticed.


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