A couple of news items caught my attention this morning. One is from the Bild Newspaper (the equivalent of the Sun Newspaper in England) - I don't read the Bild but a lot of people do that ride the Tram I use in Frankfurt. It concerns a study commissioned in UK into what British holiday makers are like. The Bild article was titled 'The brain of an English holiday maker' - unfortunately the online version is a bit short. The sad thing is, the conclusion is probably right.

The other story was from a much more reputable source - The BBC - and concerns the fact that comedy is becoming popular in Germany, and apparently German comedians are taking courses to learn to be funny. Personally I never thought you could learn to be funny......either you are you aren't......certainly the German comedy shows I have seen on TV are not very funny at all. Perhaps time will tell. But I doubt we will ever see a Teutonic Bill Hicks.