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Thursday, June 23, 2005

Post Football

The football match last night in Frankfurt was fun. It's the first goalless game of the Confederations Cup, but there was plenty of incident and lots of excitement. We decided to support Greece in the end (we were surrounded by Greek supporters, so it seemed a good idea).

We arrived early at the stadium. I was pretty knackered as I had just finished night shifts, slept for the day, and then headed back to Frankfurt for the game. We had a good look around the stadium, and then spoke to an attendant who showed us where our seats were. We then settled down to the watch the pre-match warm up session of the players. All was going well, we got through the national anthems (Mexico's is really boring....they should seriously change it).......and then just as the match was about to start a family came up and said we were sitting in their seats. Un-fookin-glaublich.......well they were right, and we were wrong. The ever so helpful attendant had earlier showed us to the wrong seats.

So we legged it to the correct block where our seats were, got another attendant to show us the correct seats, only to discover these were taken. So after telling the other occupants (in English) that they were sitting in our seats (there was no room for argument) we got to sit back down and watch the game.

The Juniorette loved the atmosphere, and was enthusiastically shouting ' Hellas, Hellas' at the top of her lungs at every opportunity. The Stadium was terrific. It holds 48,000 people, and the attendance last night was 32,000. Access to and from there was easy, and we encountered no Stau on the way out.

Apart from the seating hassles, the Haddock Family had a really great night out.


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