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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

It's too hot to..... do anything. It's been over 30 deg Celcius for a couple of days.....our outside thermometer read 34 deg in the shade today). But the high octane sunshine has done wonders for the garden. The Aubergine is flowering as are the Bell Peppers and Chilli's. The Tomato plants and the Raspberry bush have started to fruit, whilst the first of the blackcurrants has started to ripen. Also the strawberries are cropping nicely, even if the birds have taken a couple.

The Women's European Football Championship was won by Germany on Sunday. The Haddock household watched most of the championship games on TV, and were impressed by the quality of the football played, by the general attitude of the teams, and by the sheer excitement of the games. It makes some of the Bloke's games being played in the Confederations Cup here in Germany at present look pretty boring.

On Wednesday evening the Haddock squad will off to the Wald Stadion in Frankfurt to see Mexico play Greece in the ConFed Cup. To be honest I am not sure who we should support, but as we are going to Crete in a couple of weeks we will probably cheer for Greece........ besides I prefer Ouzo to Tequilla.


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