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Saturday, June 25, 2005

A song by somebody

It finally rained today. Not for long, but it was heavy downpour. This is just what the lawn needed, as it is starting to look a bit on the brown side. Also our rainwater tank is empty, so we are using normal mains water, to water the garden.

The Sage we planted a few weeks ago

The last couple of days have been very hot and humid, so in the evenings we have been eating out at local beer gardens. Sitting outside eating schnitzel and supping a couple of cold beers, was always going to be better than working in the kitchen at home.

But life in the heat goes on. The Juniorette had football training yesterday. It was 34 deg Celsius in the shade, still hotter stood on the touchlines, and just too hot for little kids to be running around. Training was abandoned after a while. The kids faces were like beetroots.

I hear thunder outside, I've seen a few flashes of lightening, so I guess......... here comes the rain again................


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