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Friday, July 01, 2005

Protecting the Crown Jewels

Yesterday I had my lower back and hip X-rayed. All went well and the Doctor couldn't find anything wrong structurally with my hip or back. He did mention that my spine is a bit wonky and this might give me a bit of pain from time to time, which is exactly what it does. So that's another mystery solved. I had four X-rays in all and I had to wear a lead cricket box to protect the crown jewels. I found this quite funny, but the Radiographer didn't seem to share my sense of humour.

Last night we celebrated my structurally sound hip & back with a bit more red wine than was intended. So I was feeling a little under the weather for my first physio session at the Arcus Centre. The whole session was conducted in German, and consisted of some questions, a spine examination and a lot of belly prodding which hurt at times. It is not good to press hard on a hungover abdomen. All this seemed more like Osteopathy rather than Physio. I survived the first session intact, and whether psychological or not, I felt better afterwards. It could have course just been the hangover wearing off!

In the garden the first of the blackcurrants (shown above) and peas have ripened. The tomatos are flourishing and slowly I think we are winning the war against the slugs. The juniorette and I capture them most evenings and then place then in our green wheelie bin, which gets quite hot during the day and 'dries' the little varmints out. The slugs are not so big, and the rate of capture is definately dropping. It's a slow death but I think they deserve it.


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