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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Das Blogging

Apparently this week is all about Blogging in a foreign I'll be writing in English as usual. My spelling is terrible in my native tongue; in another it would be ridiculous. I know there are such things as spell checkers, but life's too short for spell checking, and besides I left school a long time ago. Language is about communication not about spelling & grammar. But even so, this blogging in a foreign language malarkey can be seen at Mausi, Inactualfact, Ministry of Propoganda and HeisseScheisse.

Only 5 days to go until vacation time...........the countdown to relaxation has begun. Whilst we are away the chilli's, zucchini, tomato's, bell peppers and aubergines should become ripe. Talk about timing. But at least we have enjoyed the Gooseberries (shown above) and the Blackcurrants that we have picked this week.


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