tger greenhaddock: August 2007

Friday, August 24, 2007

The new Wembley

England faced Germany at the new Wembley Stadium on Wednesday evening with Germany winning 2-1. The result I think was fair and I found myself supporting Germany more than England. Germany played well considering the team was so understrength due to injuries to key players, and England looked in parts a lot better than they have played recently. Overall I was happy with the result. At least there wasn't a penalty shootout!

Earlier in the evening the German Womens team played and beat Switzerland 7-0 in an European Championship qualifying match. The German team played very well with Birgit Prinz in superb form. With the world cup only 2 weeks away that certainly bodes well for die Frauen.

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Trick Cyclist

Over the school summer holidays the Juniorette has learnt to unicycle. Many of her friends have been unicycling for a while but the Juniorette showed no interest, but after having a try on a friend’s unicycle she decided to learn. After 2 weeks she had pretty much mastered the basics, and now she can do curves, and go up and hills etc). Above is a photo of her on her Einrad. I keep on meaning to video her on it as a still photo doesn’t really do her achievement much justice. So all she has to do now is to learn how to tame lions in her autumn holidays and then she can join the circus!

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Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Amber Queen

The rose bed that I planted a couple of months ago is coming along nicely. I planted 3 different sorts, a red Rose (Montana), a yellow rose (Friesia) and an amber rose (Amber Queen – see above photo). They all should grow to an approx height of 80cm but wont reach that height this season. We chose rose types that are hardy and relatively disease resistant and so far we haven’t had any problems.

I am currently extending the Juniorettes veggie bed and plan to plant a bit more hedging in the Autumn. Vegetable wise we are enjoying the first of the ripe sweet peppers and aubergines, as well as having stacks of cucumbers. The tomatoes this season have not been as successful as other years due to the crap weather we have had this summer. But it’s all swings and roundabouts as I haven’t had to water the garden so often.

The Juniorette starts back to school tomorrow. She is looking forward to it, but she will have problems getting up early in the morning again. The footy season has kicked off again here in Germany. Unfortunately Werder Bremen have not made a good start, but its early days yet, and yesterday we went to watch a Frauen Fussball match. Local team RSV Rossdorf beat FC Mittelbruchen 6-0 in the Hessen Oberliga. It was a good game and we very much enjoyed it.

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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Soccer School

This past week the Juniorette once again attended the 1. FFC Frankfurt football school for girls. This is the third time she has attended now, and she still really enjoys it and has a lot of fun. She also learns a lot and we can certainly see her developing from course to course. The Juniorette still very much enjoys playing with the boys in her local team, but I think slowly over time she will want to change to an all girls team. Fortunately more girls teams are springing up around Marburg, and I suspect the change to an all girls team will probably happen in about two years time.

The Juniorette’s trainers this time at the soccer camp this time were Louise Hanson, Karolin Thomas and Meike Weber (all Bundesliga players with 1. FFC Frankfurt). At the previous camps the Juniorette attained a Bronze medallion in the skills assessments, but this time she managed a Silver and was very proud of herself; and quite rightly so. As usual on the last day there was the Parents v The Kids football match. The kids had the advantage of not only younger legs and youthful spirit, but they also had Karolin and Meike playing for them. Needless to say it was a lot of fun and the Kids won.

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