tger greenhaddock: November 2006

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A new motor

With all the footy stuff going lately I’ve almost forgotten to mention that we ordered a new car a few weeks ago. We are buying another Skoda, this time a Roomster. For lots of years Skoda’s were the butt of many jokes, and quite rightly as they were utter crap. But since the takeover by the VW they have become solid, reliable cars. Basically they are rebadged Volkswagens without the expensive price tag.

Because the Roomster is a new model we have to wait until March for delivery, but that’s not a problem for us. When the Juniorette heard that the Octavia would be going (Trade in), she shed a few tears. She said she has always known this car for as long as she can remember, and would miss it. I never thought about it that way before.

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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Champions League

Last Wednesday the Haddock Family travelled up from Marburg to Bremen for the Champions League game between Werder Bremen and Chelsea. The Juniorette was one of the Line Up Kids who walk out onto the pitch with the players before the game, so she and Mrs H had tickets. I went on the off chance of getting a ticket at the stadium. Luckily we were really early at the Weser Stadium and there were a couple tickets left, albeit the more expensive ones, but I wasn’t going to miss this match, so naturally I acquired one.

As we were early we had a walk into town, had a bite to eat and a browse around the shops. I really like Bremen and the locals are really friendly. We bumped into a few Chelsea fans who were well humoured, but the English abroad really do stick out like sore thumbs at times. We made our way back to the Stadium where the Juniorette met up with the other line up kids. They then went into the Stadium to practice the Line Up routine. Mrs H and I after picking up a few goodies in the fan shop then took our seats. She was in the West Curve, and I was sat in the block above the VIP section in the South Stand with an excellent view over the field. The other fans, in particular an older Bremer gent were rather amused that an Englishman was sat with them who didn’t support Chelsea and was a Werder fan.

I must admit that when the teams walked out and I saw the Juniorette, a speck of dust must’ve flown into my eye. It was a magic moment. She was on the hand of Claude Makelele of Chelsea, a French international player. She was wearing a Werder football kit (which she got to keep), and after the Champions League hymn where the kids stand in front of the players, she and the other kids ran off to the tunnel and the changing rooms, to get changed and take their seats in the stand.

It was an exciting game, the atmosphere was terrific, and Bremen won 1-0 with a headed goal by Per Mertesacker. The Juniorette had a fantastic day as did we all, and we were all very tired when we arrived back in Marburg at 3am. My sister-in-law (Deepblue) recorded the game and reports that the Juniorette is seen quite clearly a few times. Next week we should receive a photo CD from Bremen, so hopefully I can post some photos then.

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Monday, November 20, 2006

2nd Whiney Expat Blogger Meet Up

Last Saturday the Haddock family attended the 2nd Annual Whiney Expat Blogger Meet Up in Bonn. All the usual suspects were there from last year and quite a few new faces were present as well. Unfortunately we couldn’t stay for too long as we had to travel onward to the Odenwald to celebrate the 81st Birthday of my father in law.

It was great to see everyone at the meet up, and this year the English contingent increased by 100% as D, the boyfriend from Heather hails from London. J acted as tour guide and took us on a little tour of the city centre which I found quite charming with its pedestrian streets and open markets. We took a look in the cathedral and then headed off to an old German restaurant (where Beethoven apparently had dinner, got drunk, fornicated etc) for lunch. Unfortunately after lunch we had to say our goodbyes and then drive south. Hopefully we can attend for longer next year and I can then get to chat to everyone for longer.

The Juniorette enjoyed the meet up and was quite shy at times, which believe me is quite unusual for her. Tomorrow evening she will be in Bremen for the Champions League game between Werder Bremen & Chelsea. She will be one of the Line Up Kids that walk out onto the field with the players before the game. If she gets to walk out with Tim Borowski her evening will be complete as he is her favourite player. The game is televised by Sky Sports in the UK and Premiere in Germany.

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Friday, November 17, 2006

Wine & Cheese

Researchers today released the results of studies that showed that a substance found in red wine, resveratrol, allowed mice that were fed high-calorie, high-fat diets to avoid the ill effects of their resulting obesity. This, in turn, increased their longevity. The scientists, were, however, shocked at how appallingly bad the mice were at choosing the right kind of wine to go with each type of cheese placed on their plates.

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Different strokes

With all the football that has been going on lately I almost forgot to mention that the Juniorette has been moved up a group in her swimming club. She is really happy about the move as she has outgrown her previous group, and she is now very proud to be swimming with the bigger kids. She is the youngest by 2 years.

When she was a baby we took the Juniorette swimming every week with us, and consequently she has always been very happy and relaxed in the water. When she is old enough she wants to learn to Scuba dive. At this time I will retrain and take up my old hobby again. I am really looking forward to that.

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Friday, November 10, 2006

Prinz of Frankfurt

Juniorette, Isa & Birgit Prinz

Last weekend Mrs H, the Juniorette and her friend Isa went down to Frankfurt to watch the 1.FFC Frankfurt play. I was already in Frankfurt but unfortunately I had to work so I couldn't attend. Frankfurt won 2-1 and after the game the girls got their photo taken with Birgit Prinz, which they were really happy about.

This last week football has taken over my life somewhat. Having Arena (Pay Satellite Football TV) is great, but it does mean I don't get a lot else done! - that's not strictly true as I have made the garden ready for winter, and twice in one week I have gone out for a run. I used to run a lot as a kid (Cross Country and 1500m) and was quite good at it. I of course then fell foul to beer, cigarettes and other stuff that tends keep teenage lads occupied. But lately I have started to dream about running, so I have decided to do a bit from time to time before the legs & lungs give out.

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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Golden Girls

The Juniorette & Nia Künzer

Nia Künzer scored the Golden Goal in the Women's World Cup Final against Sweden in 2003. She was known as the Golden Girl who scored the Golden Goal that won the World Cup for Germany. Here she is pictured with another Golden Girl.

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