tger greenhaddock: July 2008

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Unlucky break

Last week the Juniorette broke her lower right arm. She fell off a rope swing at the local summer day camp. As they were in the woods at the time one of the helpers had to carry her through the woods and fields to the ambulance, which couldn't get any closer because of the terrain. She was very brave about it despite the shock. The break was quite bad which resulted in a lot of swelling. This meant that the Juniorette had to stay in the hospital for 3 days. Fortunately she was then allowed home and didn't have to have an operation to put a plate in her arm as was originally feared.

She is doing well, and is reading a lot of Harry Potter (she is now on the 4th book), although she is missing swimming and playing football. She has adapted quite well to using her left hand; probably a lot better than me, if I broke my right arm. School starts again in a weeks time, so she has tried a few times to write with her left hand. Hopefully in 4-5 weeks time the plaster can be removed and life for her will get back to normal.

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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The football in Spain.......

We have just returned from our holiday in Mallorca, and we had a very nice time. We stayed in Alcudia on the eastern side of the island. It was bit of a tourist trap, but the main reason for the holiday was the beach, and that was pretty good. We hired a car and had a good look around the island. It is definitely an island of contrasts, and my favourite part of the island was the eastern side, with the mountains and beautiful coastline. We met up with friends from Marburg that were also on the island vacationing, and that was good fun.

The Juniorette did a PADI discover scuba dive which she very much enjoyed. I did the dive as well. It was good to get back underwater after a break of a few years, even if it was only to a max depth of 4m. The most important thing was to share the experience with the Juniorette, who now cannot wait until she is old enough to complete the PADI open water certification.

The weather was very good for our stay, and we had a lot of fun, but I have now discovered where all the bald/short haired, overweight, middle aged, tattooed English people go on holiday (and that was just the women – jest!). Beer at 10am may be fun when you are young and partying with the lads, but when you have a wife and kids, it’s just a little bit sad. That aside, everyone was friendly and we had a good time. I would like to visit the island again, but next time perhaps stay a bit further away from the main tourist areas.

It's a shame that Germany didn't beat Spain in the final of the European championships, as I might of been able to sleep that night. But in reality the German team didn’t play well, and the Spanish were better.

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