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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

It's a cop out

Lately in Marburg I have noticed that some police cars (Polizei) have had their colour scheme changed from green to blue. This was mentioned at the blog meet on Saturday and it apparently it is not just the cars that are changing, but the uniforms as well. According to my work colleagues its to make the Polizei appear more friendly.

I travel to work on the same trains as the cops, and to be quite honest I do not find the German cops scary at all, even if they have guns. Some even wear bullet proof vests on the train. Green somehow doesn't strike terror into me, and besides green is a relaxing colour. On the other hand if I was on a train full of British bobbies I would probably be crapping my pants, just purely on the image they project. It's hard to feel the same fear when you see a German policeman with a mohawk haircut, an earring and he's 2 inches smaller than you

So this changing the colour scheme to be more friendly smacks more of money changing hands than anything else.......... I expect the friendly boot of the Polizei at the door anytime soon!


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