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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Sleeping with the light on

I spent most of my time at work yesterday doing a CBT (computer based training course). It was almost like a real training course; it was boring and I kept on falling asleep. Of course had it been a real training course I would have had a massive hangover as well. The true challenge of a course (as any Telecoms Engineer will tell you) is trying to stay awake and absorb knowledge, whilst feeling hideous and trying not to throw up. Alas those days are gone. With my company's recent financial cutbacks the 'all expenses paid' trips to foreign climes for a course have stopped, and now we have to make do with CBT's and no beer. No fun.

But it does mean I don't have to sleep with the light on anymore. Life experience has taught me that when staying in a hotel always leave the light on in the bathroom in your room. The door to the hallway and the bathroom door in your room are normally VERY close to each other. In the middle of the night, half asleep and with a full bladder it is very easy to go through the wrong door. I have done this on two occasions. One with underpants and one without. The only way to get back into the room is to go to reception. It's an interesting journey.

Walking stark bollock naked to the reception desk of a hotel located at an international airport teeming with guests is not something I would want to repeat, but if dear reader the same fate should happen to you, I heartily recommend to hold your head high, smile, think of England and march proudly to the desk.

So on reflection, CBT's are not a lot of fun, but they are a lot safer!


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