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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Haddock Aquarium of Death

I have been to Frankfurt for a couple of days to help occasional blogger Idlethoughts lay a laminate floor in his apartment. The work involved wasn't particularly strenuous but boy do I ache today. We finished the floor Friday morning and it looks bloody good. Whilst in Frankfurt we went out to an excellent Indian restaurant, where I had a Chicken Vindaloo. It was English strength, tasted very nice and brought the on a case of the hiccups. I now know why the word loo is in Vindaloo! :)
Last chilli's of summer

On returning to Marburg I had a few gardening duties to perform which included the seasons last harvest of chilli's (shown above). These were later transformed into another batch of Chilli Chutney. Early analysis indicates that this batch will have definite bite!

Another neon died in the aquarium yesterday. All fish that have died so far are from one particular pet shop. So we have a new plan. We will only buy fish from the place where we acquired the Otto's, and believe it or not, that is Obi (DIY shop). So yesterday we purchased a couple of Bumblebee Shrimps, two Platys and a pair of Dwarf Gouramies. So fingers are crossed, the bets are laid, and the wheel is spun in the Haddock Aquarium of Death. I believe the next few days will be crucial.


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