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Friday, September 30, 2005

New Kid on the block

Mrs Haddock attended a parent evening at the Juniorette's school earlier this week. It was announced that any interested parents were allowed to 'sit in' on a class to see how a class operates and how the children are taught. Apparently no parent has ever done this......unbelievable! yesterday I went to school.......I was that new kid on the block!

I walked to school with the Juniorette and her friends and attended her class for 90 mins. It was rather good fun. Most of the kids knew me from the 'English week' at the kindergarten, where Mrs Haddock & I taught the kids some English songs and nursery rhymes. I found the phonetic teaching methods for learning to read and write at the Juniorette's school quite effective, when compared to the parrot fashion way of learning that I endured when I was at school.

I really enjoyed the 'back to school experience' and the Head Mistress (whose English was very good) said I should attend again sometime......and I think I will.


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