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Monday, September 19, 2005

Lucky Seven

Yesterday the Juniorette reached the grand old age of seven years. We had a nice relaxed morning whilst she opened her presents. Top of her list I guess was the boogie box, Werder Bremen soccer shirt, and a remote control off road truck.

Her guests for her 'Robber' party turned up shortly after noon for the 'Robber Feast' which after the Juniorettes wishes consisted of roast pork and salad (whatever happened to Jelly & ice-cream?). The feast was followed by various games during which I disappeared to lay a trail around the local woods to the 'Robber Liar' for the treasure hunt. Next up was the water bomb throwing contest which then resorted to the kids chasing me around the local playground throwing water bombs at me. Jolly good fun was had by all.

Juniorette when very young being reminded of her English Heritage.

After the party was finished and all the little 'Robber Kids' had gone home, the day was rounded off by the Haddock family ordering in for pizza. All in all a very good day, and an excellent one for the Juniorette to start her eighth year.


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