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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Here comes the rain again

Today the Haddock went on a trip to Panorama Park in the Sauerland. The weather did not look to good, but we decided to risk it anyway. Of course it started to rain after we had been their for half an hour, and we seemed to be the only people without rain-jackets or umbrellas. We got wet, very wet, but we carried on regardless and had a good time. Later on in the day the weather brightened up a bit, but not enough to dry us out.

On the German fun park scale, Panorama Park ranks about the same as Fort Fun, but is way short of Phantasia Land, which I suspect is probably the best fun park in Germany and seems to be modelled closely on the Florida Disney Parks.

It was too wet to take any pics at the park due to the wet weather, so included below is a picture of a Red Admiral butterfly sitting on an Astor plant which I took a few days ago.

The rain however is very good for the garden and my rain water tank. I put fertiliser on the lawn yesterday and a drop of rain is just what it needs. But more importantly it has been raining in London, preventing a full days play in the cricket. With the delays & stoppages due to rain it looks very much looks like draw is on the cards in the final ashes test, which would mean that England would finally regain the ashes from Australia after 16 years. This would make me very, very happy.


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