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Sunday, August 28, 2005


The Juniorette returned home yesterday along with her grandparents who came visiting for the day. We lunched at a local Italian restaurant that was under new ownership, and very nice it was indeed. Later in the afternoon we went for walk through the woods. My father-in-law is very knowledgeable about wild mushrooms and he spotted some Bay Bolete (Xerocomus badius) which we picked. I must admit I was surprised to learn they were edible, because they looked a bit iffy.

Later we fried them with onions, herbs, mince and peas and they tasted really quite good. I did take the precaution of informing one of our neighbours to check the fungi pictures on my PC if we didn't survive.

Now I have had my first taste of foraging (excuse the pun), I am quite keen to learn more. But rather than learning from a book, and maybe getting it wrong, I'll learn from my father-in-law and try and keep my family alive


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