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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Boys night out

On Thursday a fellow work colleague and blogger Idlethoughts (IT) and I went out for a few beers in Marburg. We had a good time and the whole evening was rather amusing for one reason or another. On the way home (and in search of more beer), we stopped off at a club that I had never been to before - The Fun Park. The average age of the clientele was approx 19 years old, and the eldest person about 22, so you would have thought a couple of elderly codgers like IT and myself would have been well out of place; but strangely we weren't - I guess beer just makes us look younger

Caterpillars have been eating away at the leaves of my gooseberry bush, and some are now turning into chrysalis. I have never seen this time of caterpillar before, and I'm intrigued to find out which type of butterfly or moth they are from. Above is a photo of one of the little blighters.

UPDATE - 22/08/05 Finally identified the caterpillars as the larvae of the comma butterfly


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