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Thursday, August 11, 2005

All the fours - 44!.....Today is my Birthday, another year ticked off against the grim reaper. The Haddocks decided to celebrate at midnight last night rather than this morning as Mrs Haddock had to go to work today. The juniorette has plans for me today involving a long walk to try and spot some deer and a surprise cycle trip. Later as a family we will go to a local restaurant for a hearty German meal.

The photo is a little scary, and the birthday crown (made by the juniorette) had to hastily amended to read 44 vice 43. Snowpaint is a wonderful thing.

The 3rd Cricket Test at Old Trafford starts today. A wonderful birthday present would be if the Australian team came down with a violent attack of dysentery, whilst in the field........I doubt if my Birthday wish will be granted, but one can only live and hope!


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