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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Run over by a bus

I had another physio session earlier this week to help sort out my Sciatic nerve problems. After the session I felt very relaxed. But after about 4 hours I felt like I had been run over by a bus. Every part of my body was either hurting or aching. I had to lie down. Quite incredible really, just some prodding, poking and stretching really did me in - it was quite worrying really. I had some more physio this morning, I explained the bus situation and was told this was quite normal. So now I am sat here on my PC waiting for the pain to come....oh joy.

Whilst we were away on holiday the garden really came on strong. The cherry tomato's have gone ballistic. Fortunately they are very sweet tasting and the Haddocks like tomato's

I had to harvest a lot of chilli's and I have had a go at pickling them. No idea if this will work out well but its done and I'll leave them for a few months then try them.
Virtually every meal at the moment contains zuchinni. Luckily the yellow variety is quite tasty. I cooked stuffed zuchinni the other evening which was a big hit with the juniorette who christened them 'Zuchinni Boats'


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