I was late for work tonight. My train never arrived in Marburg. We were told it was 5 minutes late, then 10 minutes, then 30 minutes and then told that die Bahn had no idea when the train would arrive. It turns out that somebody decided to throw themselves underneath the train a few miles up the track. So I had to drive to Frankfurt instead. I had been looking forward to my normal snooze on the train, and having to drive did annoy me somewhat. But taking into consideration what happened in London today, at least I got to go to work. Some people will not ever be going again.

Tonight is my last night shift, and as of tomorrow I have 20 care free days off work. 2 weeks will be spent in Crete, relaxing in the sun, snorkelling with Juniorette, doing a bit of Scuba-diving, eating too much, and probably drinking too much wine.