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Saturday, August 27, 2005

When the cats away.....

Or rather, when the mouse is away, the cats will play. The Juniorette has gone to the Oldenwald for a couple of days to visit her grandparents. So Mrs Haddock and I decided to have a night out on Thursday. We went to a very exclusive restaurant just outside Marburg. Infact it was so exclusive we were the only people there. It did mean of course that we had very good service, and the food was very good. Mrs Haddock was driving so only had a Little sip of wine, which meant I had to drink the rest of the bottle. It was a happy meal.

Later we stopped off at our local watering hole, which is within walking distance of home, for a couple of beers. The owner decided to give his customers a shot of schnapps on the house. I hate schnapps but to refuse is to be impolite, and that I am not.
Thus yesterday was a bit of a nothing day in terms of getting any of the jobs around the house or garden done, but I perked up a bit later in the day to cook a chilli. I used one of the red chilli's from the garden. They are awesome. I managed to persuade Mrs. Haddock to eat a bit raw. Her face went red, she had tears in her eyes......and I was in trouble.

Come back home mouse. The cats can't handle the playtime anymore


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