I didn't go to work yesterday. Mrs Haddock normally works from home, but she has to attend her office occasionally, and yesterday was one of those days, so I had to stay at home and look after the Juniorette who doesn't start school until next week.

In Germany you are allowed to have a certain amount of time off work to look after your child. Unfortunately from the people I have talked to, nobody seems to know the exact am mount of days that you are allowed to do this. Normally the Juniorette would have stayed with friends for the day, but yesterday was one one of those days when nobody had time, so I made the ultimate sacrifice and didn't go to work. Sometimes life is hard.

Just lately this Blog was getting a lot of Spam comments from aliases such as Gren Miller. Many thanks to Lyn at Motormouth who contacted me and informed me how to block the offending IP address that was generating the Spam.