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Monday, September 05, 2005

The pain lessens

Luckily today I had a physio appointment. She concentrated on sorting out my legs and back that were still aching from the football game on Saturday. I feel a lot better now, so much better that I was able to cut the grass and make some more paper brickettes. Tedious jobs but they have to get done.

The wine making kit that we ordered arrived today. All we have to do now is buy some plums, find some time, and then make some wine. It should be fun.

Yesterday was the Sommerfest of our local football club. The Juniorette played in a Mothers v Children match and scored a goal in the second half. She was very proud, and so was I.

Tomorrow is the first day of school for the Juniorette. She is very excited and can not wait to be a school kid. She has a Werder Bremen Schultüten and I reckon she will the only girl with a football themed one. Barbie and horse Schultüten are going to big this year so I hear.

So it's an early night for the Haddocks tonight. It's a big day tomorrow.


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