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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Juniorette's big day

Yesterday was the first day of school for the Juniorette. It started with all the new school kids, parents, grandparents, friends etc going to church. We were joined by the kids from the Kindergarten as well. After a brief service it was off to school, where the kids from the older classes sang songs and performed theater to welcome the new kids to school. It was all done very well and every kid was made to feel special. All a bit different to when I started school many years ago in England during the middle ages.

Juniorette with her Werder Bremen Schultüte

After many photo opportunities the kids finally got to go to class for an hour. Juniorette really enjoyed this part, it is what she had been really waiting for. During class the parents socialised outside in the sunshine drinking coffee and eating cake. When class finished the proud students emerged holding sunflowers and were presented with their Schultüte, which are filled with small presents and sweets. The Juniorette was very happy and the Haddock parents very proud.

Later we went to local restaurant to celebrate, and then onto the Marburg botanical garden for a gentle stroll, to relax and unwind.

A new era begins.

Update 09:30 cet - I have just just picked up the local paper and was very surpised to see the Juniorette on the front page!......there was a short article about the start of the new school year in Marburg, and a photo in which the Juniorette featured (top row) .......Very Very Cool.


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