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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Suicide Plumber

Later today the Juniorette plays with her team in another soccer tournament. I will not be there to support her today as I am currently working my last night of this current shift cycle, and whilst she is playing I will be sleeping.

I found a good recipe for Chilli Chutney over at Downsizer and I intend to give it a go during my days off. As shown below we have no shortage of hot chilli's

My Brother sent me an SMS earlier. It made me's a silly joke but it made me laugh. English humour I guess.

Apparently President Bush has told the American people that he is blaming the New Orleans disaster on an Iraqi Suicide Plumber.

This of course is only humour and in no way distracts from the hardship and suffering felt by the victims of hurricane Katrina.


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