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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Age of Aquarium

I have always liked fish...........a Haddock is a fish......... and I have always wanted an aquarium. Now I have one. Aldi had a complete set offer this week for a bargain price. Of course, by the time we had been to the pet shop and bought the stand (twice the price of the 'complete set offer'), gravel, plants, food, books and accessories, the word bargain had lost its meaning.

Anyways the tank is all set up, but we cant stock it with fish until the water becomes habitable which is in about 10 days time. Juniorette is very happy and is planning what fish we should have. The aquarium is a small one (54 liters), so it wont be able to hold the shoals that she is hoping for.

The above photo was taken just after the water was added. 24 hours later I am happy to report that the water has cleared considerably.

The builders have made big progress in the last couple of days. Today they started laying the Pflasterstein for the front path, and it looks good. Hopefully they will not make to much noise in the morning as I have just started nights.


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