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Monday, October 10, 2005

Football and Fish

Yesterday the England soccer team qualified to take part in the 2006 World Cup finals which will be held here in Germany. By all accounts they scraped a lucky 1-0 win over Austria. Beckham got sent off (perhaps unfairly), and England hung on with only ten men to win.

Germany lost 2-1 to Turkey in a friendly. They could have lost a lot heavier. Both Germany and England need to do something drastic to their teams before the finals. I personally recommend electro shock therapy. These players earn so much money nowadays and it seems that they cannot perform properly when they represent their country - cow prods are too good for them - grrrr!

On a more local scale, the Juniorette's G-Jugend soccer team came second in a tournament today, with the Juniorette scoring a goal, and having a caution for being too aggressive with her tackling. I have absolutely no idea where she got that idea from!

And lastly on a different scale (pun intended) one of our fish died today. One of the platy's has bitten the big one. The Juniorette was quite upset about it. It must run in the family. I once became emotional whilst Marlin fishing off the Atlantic island of Madeira many years ago.

The funeral for the Platy will be held tomorrow afternoon in the upstairs bathroom. The remaining platy's request no flowers to be sent.


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