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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Juniorette's Autumn Holidays

The Juniorette has just finished two days of football training camp here in Marburg. She has had a wonderful time despite the wet weather and wants to sign up for the next one. She will have to wait a year though.

This is her first school holidays and she's been fortunate to have had a lot of activities to do. She spent 4 days last week with activities/events/fun & games organised by the local church. This included a trip to Frankfurt Zoo at the weekend which she really enjoyed. Then this Friday we are travelling up to Bremen to watch Werder Bremen hopefully beat Frankfurt in the Bundesliga. So she has been a busy girl. Life was never this exciting for me when I was a kid!

To top it off the Juniorette was in the Marburg newspaper (Oberhessische Presse) two days running last week. Once because she won a competition to design a road sign. The sign depicts a child friendly road, meaning that kids can play in the road and that motorists should take extra care. Secondly she was in photo showing some of the kids at the Kinderkirchentag (church organised fun & games stuff detailed above). I have never been in the newspaper and don't expect to really, but the Juniorette is only 7 years old and has been in four or five times already this today eh!


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