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Friday, November 04, 2005

How to get paid for blogging

Last week this blog was lovingly reviewed by the bitches over at I talk too much. I was rather pleased with the 3 smack rating I obtained. I thought it would be rather less. Some sites really get ripped apart in the reviews. But I find it's all a bit of harmless fun.

After reading about shag maps over at Inactualfact I was lead to link that allows you to show on a map all the countries that you have visited. Some ones that I have visited like Bermuda, Ascension Island, Guam, Truk Islands, St. Helena, and Barbados don't really show up well on the world map. But what does show up is the fact that I still have a lot of travelling to do.

Click to create your own map

I still need to travel a lot in Europe

On health issues, I've managed to fend off the Bronchitis so far, and I am back at work at the moment. My lungs are still a bit wheezy, but they are not getting worse. Many thanks for everyones well wishes. As you can see I am using my time wisely here at work. I guess this is be the only way I will ever get paid for blogging.


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